Vintage - Benny in the Air - Associate -

Director, Professor


University of Luxembourg
Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance
162A, Avenue de la Faïencerie, L-1511 Luxembourg


Email: bennyDOTmantinATuniDOTlu

My research program encapsulates topical, important and challenging aspects of dynamic pricing and revenue management (DP/RM), supply chain management, and transportation economics. The core of my research focuses on integrating and understanding consumer behavior in the context of dynamically priced goods through analytical models, behavioral experiments as well as empirical analyses; strategic interactions between agents in supply chains with an emphasis on decisions in competitive environments; and deriving insights for policy decision makers in regulating and privatizing the aviation industry.

– Revenue Management & Pricing with an emphasis on consumer behavior
– (Strategic) Consumer Behavior
– Empirical Operations Management
– Analytics
– Airline Industry
– Retailing

Leading research questions addressed:
– Why does Amazon operate as a dual-format retailer (i.e., both as a merchant and as a platform)?
– How should firms make market entry and/or market portfolio decisions in the presence of competition?
– How should firms dynamically price their goods in the presence of competition and strategic consumers?
– How do fare histories differ from each other?
– What are the drivers and implications of price volatility particularly in the presence of strategic consumers?
– What are the policy implications of airlines’ varying code sharing agreements?
– Do presentation formats matter to transacted prices?
– What is the impact of airport complementarity on privatization decisions?
– How do frequency and concessions influence the interaction between airlines and airports?

Daniel Granot and Frieda Granot, my PhD supervisors at UBC







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